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Sustainability at Mers

Happy Planet, Sustainable Manufacturing

At Mers Solutions, we recognise the vital part we play as a manufacturer in taking a precautionary approach to environmental challenges and promoting sustainable manufacturing. We are making continuous efforts to develop and adopt environmentally friendly technologies.

  • Regular review of our own and supply chain partners' energy consumption and other environmental impact so that we can all improve.

  • Using recycled materials where we can with an aim to reach 50% recycled material content in all our products by 2025.

  • Monitoring and reducing energy usage across production.

  • Our laser and other energy intensive machinery are frequently upgraded to reduce energy consumption and production costs for our clients.

  • Running local community environmental projects, such as litter picking, tree planting and collaborations with local schools and businesses.

  • Increasing the use of solar panels as a source of energy.

  • Recycling waste heat from heavy machinery to heat water in our worker accommodation area.

  • Using electric delivery vans where possible.

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