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Mers solutions razor manufacturer


The most popular option for customisation. Adding your own logo via laser for a more unique touch.

Custom Colour

Have products made with Pantone colours in harmony with your brand identity.  


Custom packaging. To ensure your product stands out from the competition.

automated razor manufacturing centre

Manufacturing Capabilities

Our factory constantly invests in advanced technologies to benefit all aspects of our razors. This ranges from improving the chemical mixture for edge coating to assembling the finished product. Substantial investment since 2020 has resulted in our production lines leading the field.


5 blade razor with trimmer manufacturer
high end razor blade manufacturer and supplier
private label razor supplier
shaving razor factory

Fully Bespoke Handle Designs

Our experienced industrial designers will turn your vision into a full-blown CAD model, ready for manufacturing.

We provide concept proofing, 3D modelling and prototype tooling as a complete solution to customised products.

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