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Mers solutions razor manufacturer
Shaving Razors

Mers works with industrial designers across Europe to develop, and manufacture cutting edge razors that offer optimal shaving comfort and ergonomics.  

OEM Razor Supplier
Personal Care Products

Organic and premium skincare products are essential for a smooth shave and good skin. Mers sources from reputable manufacturers to complement our razor products*.

Shaving razors and shave gel
Prototyping Projects

Some clients have more adventurous needs. With vast amount of experiences working with businesses in Asia and Europe, we help to deliver numerous exciting prototyping projects in shaving and other fields. 

Customised razor blade manufacturer
Private Label Razor Company
We make OEM razors for premium market segment

Our mission is to manufacture premium quality shaving razors with sleek design and unique features. We offer fast turnaround time for private label projects. We work with sustainability in mind, in manufacturing processes, choosing recycled materials, and making sure our products last for a long time.



Premium quality razors with unique features, customised to your brand


Fully automated razor cartridge assembly lines that guarantee speed of completing orders, highest quality and consistency of products.

Ecofriendly razor manufacturer


At Mers Solutions, we recognise the vital part we play as a manufacturer in taking a precautionary approach to environmental challenges and promoting sustainable manufacturing.


We are making continuous efforts to develop and adopt environmentally friendly technologies.

Razor made with recycled materials


We partner up with fully FSC certified packaging suppliers which use sustainable and ethical supplies of paper materials and ink to meet the highest demands by our clients.


We audit our supply chain regularly to ensure continuing compliance and improvement.

Private Label Razor manufacturer

Fully Bespoke Handle Designs

Our experienced industrial designers will turn your vision into a full-blown CAD model, ready for manufacturing.

We provide concept proofing, 3D modelling and prototype tooling as a complete solution to customised products.

5 blade women razor manufacturer
Private label razor manufacturer
Razor handle factory

Providing premium quality razors with unique features, customised to your brand

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Sustainable razor manufacturing

5 blade women razor manufacturer

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Shaver and razor factory

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