mers solutons razor manufacturer
5 blade razors with back trimmer manufacturer

Sleek design with state of the art shaving architecture.

  • Premium blades - Swedish stainless steel with multilayer coating. 

  • Unique connection system - compatible with T-Series only.

  • RolaTek® unique guidance system.

  • Back Trimmer - for hard to reach areas.

  • Maximum hydration - vegan moisturising strip with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E.

  • Bestar Skaft handle - ergonomic and elegant Scandinavian design.


Micro-spaced premium blades give users a luxurious glide on the skin.

Available in:​

  • 3 Blades

  • 5 Blades

  • 5 Blades + Back Trimmer

Razor cartridge and heads manufacturer
chrome razor handle maufacturer and supplier

Scandinavian design razor handles, ergonomically optimised.

Available in:​

  • Lightweight polymer

  • Metal alloy

  • Chrome

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